future music creators community

What we are.

The bridge that connects emerging artists with established musicians, creating a borderless network of contacts based on universal collaboration that humanizes the industry and strengthens cultural diversity. Made up of tireless music lovers, young amateurs and professional musicians, audiovisual producers, technology brands, sound engineers and international institutions.


Program for members who need to optimize their time and immerse themselves in their creative process, benefiting from the discounts included in plans that adapt to the needs of each artist.

  • improve your competitiveness
  • increase your productivity
  • Amplify your sound quality


Complex of facilities to work on your own projects surrounded by artists in an inspiring environment, without dividing walls or schedules that limit your creative process, in an ecosystem of creators of cultural content, in a house where creativity is the host

  • Hot Desk
  • Fixed Desk
  • Meeting room
  • Kitchen & Bar
  • Outdoor Terrace


Network of contacts that link artists with agents in the sector, where new opportunities for business and entrepreneurs are born, where:

  • Socialization stimulates the imagination
  • Professionalization has a real impact on job placement in the music industry


System in the form of virtual credits without expiration date interchangeable for digital and analog services.

  • Music Studios
  • Equipment Rental and Use
  • Musical production
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Consultancy
  • Training