where magic happens

What is


The music studio complex to create your own productions within a new studio-sharing system, sharing a large collection of equipment used by the great artists of the music scene.


Studios equipped with cutting-edge technology elaborated with the precise acoustics and soundproofing to create your own productions.

Music Production

Musical composition with professional accompaniment by producers to enhance your talent.

Mixing & Mastering

Objective artistic intervention that through mixing orders elements of frequency, dynamics and balance.
Mastering as a final treatment to achieve optimal sound quality in all musical formats.


Development of the repertoire and musical composition from the gestation of ideas to the creative realization.


Orientation in artistic, sound and personal brand development, self-management and connection with the public.

Films – advertising

Sound recording, recording and composition for the audiovisual, film, advertising, theater, radio and TV sectors.


Backline rental, audio and DJ equipment, synthesizers, drum machines, for artists and companies.


Boosting new artists and releasing albums. Recording, production, marketing, distribution and public communication of musical works.