Mastering EP 50% Off



EP Mastering offer -50%

EP Mastering offer -50%

Get 50% off on your Mastering when ordering 2 or more tracks at once for your EP.


The art of Mastering. Clear identity.

The Master is your identity. When tracks sound in a unique way and have “that magic” that characterises them and you. Gain body, presence and definition. Final but most important step before distributing your track to the audience.

How it works?

1 Bounce the stems & the pre-master.

  • Watch our tutorial for detailed instructions

2 Purchase the service & send the files

  • Name your files by its content and BPM and pack them all in a ZIP or RAR file.
  • Upload it to WeTransfer or Dropbox and paste the link on the purchase process.

3 Delivery

  • We’ll send you back the files via Dropbox link.